Wedding Services

Getting Married On A Budget

Most people naturally associate weddings with money because weddings tend to cost a lot of money if they are done traditionally. This is because weddings have become so very commercialized in this day and age that there are hundreds of people lining up to make a buck out of you getting married. However, it is important for you to keep your head on your shoulders and realize that your wedding does not have to cost the world to look and feel amazing. In fact, you will not be feeling very amazing after your wedding when all of the money that you own is gone. 

Step away from tradition

One of the best ways to save money on your wedding day is to step away from all of the traditions and rituals associated with weddings. Every bride who gets married does the same things at her weddings and most brides will wear the big white ball gown similar to the ball gown that their mothers wore before them. When planning your wedding reception Sunshine Coast, try to keep it small, simple and fun without all the glitz and glamour that traditional weddings include because these bits of glitz and glamour could double the amount of money that you spend at your wedding. While it is important that you have a beautiful reception, it is important for you to remember that beautiful does not really equal to expensive. Ordering something from a wedding store will cost about ten times the price that it would cost if you make it yourself or ordered it directly online from ebay. The sad reality is that wedding stores and wedding suppliers are queuing up to profit from your wedding day and your excitement.

In fact, instead of hiring a wedding stylist to do your hair and make up for you, get a friend or relative to do some basic make up for you while you let your hair down after blow drying it. You will look beautiful and you will save thousands of dollars. The truth is no one is going to notice the dollars you spent on a makeup artist and an expensive hairdresser. 

You can even consider making your own decorations for your big day using paper, ribbon or fresh flowers from your own garden. There are services that offers unique wedding services if you really have your heart set of floral décor and you do not have any flowers of your own, you could buy some flowers in bulk from a florist and create your own décor. You could even have faux flowers, allowing you to prepare well ahead of time.