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Spice Up You Engagement Day

Your day of the engagement is one the most special days in your life simply because that’s the day you put a ring on the person you love and wish to hold for the rest of your life. every one of us wan that day to be very special, it doesn’t matter whether the gathering is a small circle of immediate family members or it could be a larger gathering with all your friends and family but what matters is that you actually organize an event that is fun and interesting for everyone as well. It’s true that is a special day for you and your partner, but the people who turn up to celebrate your love will also get into a good mood if you make sure to throw a good one.

The most important thing about checking on engagement party venues is that you need to find a place that can accommodate the number of people of you wish in the right kind of way. There are places that can be very attractive to hold a party but they can be a bit away from the city and there can be problems when it comes to reaching such destinations by your guests. Convenience does matter a lot when picking up the right place and the next important thing is to try to come up with a fun theme for your day. This is not a must to have a particular theme and give everyone a specific dress code but it definitely can spice up your day if you can incorporate something new to it. Here are some of the places that can be appealing for a themed ceremony.


We know that so many of us love the beach and it’s always a good relaxed feeling that you get when you think of it as well. The good thing about choosing a beach theme is that you can always add in a lot of fun games and activities in to your day as people can wear a bit more casual than for an indoor ceremony. When you think about going into a hall with a more formal setting, you are expected to be dressed a little better than the casual dressing style.


Mostly people consider garden areas for party venues, but have you ever thought about choosing a good rooftop garden for your special day? it can be great for night events with the view of a nice scenery and breeze to hold a party. It’s more of an inside event which still is more on the outdoor kind of vibe as well. Visit this link https://melbournesbestfunctions.com.au/ for more info on party venues Melbourne.

These are some of the places that can add up fun into your special day rather than sticking into the same, mainstream indoor locations.