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Advantages Of Having A Themed Wedding

Weddings are affairs that bring families and friends together to celebrate the biggest day of your life. So why not make it a little exciting and fun? A theme adds life to boring receptions so your guests will cherish these memories for a lifetime. Also, it may not be as expensive as you think. So here are some of the advantages of selecting a style for your wedding.

It adds excitement

People always search for something new and it is the same with your guests. You can build the excitement by designing your invitation cards accordingly so that your guests will await the event. For example, if you are a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fan, decorate your invitation card with skulls and swords. For your reception, you can base all your decoration on it, serve meat and rum as part of the ‘pirate’ food and add entertainment items as a dance or musical session and let your guests have fun. You can have a replica of the Black Pearl ship or the dead man’s chest to be a centerpiece at the reception. Wedding centrepiece hire in Sydney is now available according to different themes.


Reduces cost

Most couples are in the misconception that themes take more money. Well, it actually cuts down costs. If you select a theme, you could for all inclusive wedding ceremony packages that provide decoration, food, location etc. according to the theme you selected. Also, it limits your expenses. For example, while shopping you might like so many different flowers and candles, however by sticking to a theme, you would buy only the ones that match.

It brings out your personality as a couple

A theme would show people what your interests are as a couple. Do you like the beach, cars or pearls? Are you the romantic type or adventurous type? It would be great when you let everyone join in whatever you enjoy.

It makes the ceremony unique

We would all like to do something that no one else has tried. An interesting theme will make your wedding the talk of town. Your guests will not be bored by the same old flowers, food and music. They would enjoy something new and fun and cherish these memories for ages. You could also be starting a new trend among couples. How cool is that? You can also go for a destination wedding that matches your theme. For example, if you go for a sea themed ceremony, take your closest family and friends to Hawaii. A private celebration will be memorable.