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Wedding Formalities That You Can Do Your Own Way

Most of the wedding you been and seen on the movies you would notice that most wedding follow almost the same formalities during the wedding and even before the wedding. Some very common formalities were born through superstitious ideas that were originated back in the old days. This same thing is followed by everyone else not knowing why. Some have logical explanations but others do not. Why is it that the bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding? Sometimes some formalities might not suit you guys as a couple and sometime maybe not your religion’s culture. There is no hard and fast rule to follow the formalities. Here are somethings you can change if you want to.

Did you know that photographer today provide pre wedding services too? There are wedding shoots that happen before the wedding. You can have it anywhere you want. Some it happens right before the wedding but you have it even abroad just photoshoot.

Overseas pre wedding shoot and then you may come back to have your wedding. It need not be right before the wedding does it?

At every wedding someone gives a speech. This is a formality you could say. Generally, the father of the bride followed by groom and best man giving a speech. The speeches would with toast to bride, groom and bridesmaid and also thanking everyone for coming. You can change it up. You can the speeches stretched in between the proceedings of the wedding if you want to. You can even start the whole reception by giving out the speeches at the beginning. It will relieve the nerves of the speakers for the rest of the wedding. It is not necessary to have speeches at all just a quick thank you to everyone who had come would just fine. It’s up to you.

You would have seen the tradition where the bride tosses her bouquet. Well, I know some brides who want to take their bouquet home well, and then just throw your bridesmaid’s bouquet if she doesn’t mind. If not you will have to prepare and extra bouquet – a small one for the throwing. If I were you, I wouldn’t throw it. Visit 

Some other few things that people are changing are small things like vows and dances. Vows are becoming more personally bring all the love in to the wedding. Some vows I’ve heard are, “I promise to tell you that you are beautiful even if you wake up with a grumpy face.” Or “I promise not to always play video games when you want to talk.”
It is your wedding, do it the way you want to do it. It is that simple.

Tips On Planning A Nuptial

Planning out your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the most stressful events of your life. Nowadays many people decide to plan their weddings by themselves as they feel they can get done as they require it and also due to the fact that hiring a wedding planner is costly especially when the entire cost of a wedding is at an all time high currently. It is important to not though that planning your own wedding can lead you in to many obstacles but by educating yourself about the most common problems you can learn to avoid them and ensure that the whole wedding goes on without a hitch. The key to ensuring a smooth process is to plan everything ahead of schedule and assigning tasks to certain people.

You can start with fine tuning the guest list for your wedding. Most of the decisions you make such as the venue and the meal list depend on the amount of guests you invite. It is important that you keep in mind that not everyone you invite will make it to the wedding. People find this hard to believe but it is extremely common to miss out on a wedding due to commitments to your work, sickness and other commitments.

When choosing the location you can choose an extravagant location or you can choose one of those affordable reception venues.

The advantage of choosing cheap wedding reception venues is that it allows you to spend more on additional things like the meal plan for the wedding or gives you the chance to accommodate more guests. The interior decoration you want depends on the venue you decide on.

Many people are dazzled by picture perfect weddings in movies and novels and strive to achieve the same effect in real life. They like to have a seamless connection starting with the napkins to the flowers on the brides’ maids. This is quite excessive and unnecessary as hardly anyone pays close attention to tiny and trivial details such as the color of the napkin. The invited guests are more focused on things like the happy couple and the meal plan and if they are going too fed before they get hungry. If alcohol is served, you should ensure there is plenty of it and that music is a must for the event. Be it a live band or a podcast off a streaming site, music guaranteed to lift the mood up and get people in to the vibe. A tip to keep in mind is to avoid agreeing to pick up guests from the airport as this could essentially force you to play chauffeur until the wedding is done.